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Simplified content curation for conference managers!

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  • Seriously good workflow

    We actually run conferences, too, so we know the pain of juggling hundreds of proposals. Need to slog through 900 entries? No problem.

  • Hosted solutions

    We host everything professionally and reduntantly. Let us worry about backups and uptime. Want your data? Export to CSV, JSON, or XML.

  • Interoperability

    Conferences are complex beasts. We can ingest speaker history and survey data, and communicate downstream to registration and scheduling systems.

  • Documentation

    We create workflows, not code. Your project includes help videos for all users (submitters, reviewers, and administrators). Spend more time on content and less time on training.

  • Track communcation

    Our system sends email on your behalf. Batch send to multiple proposals (ie accept/reject groups), or have different administrators talk to submitters in a trackable way.

  • Let's talk

    The team behind Consenseus has built systems for Unity Technologies, the Game Developer's Conference, NVIDIA, Cisco Systems, and the Independent Games Festival. What can we build for you? Email us.

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Consenseus is based in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. You should email us unless you like super-hot desert summers (in which case stop on by)!

About Consenseus

Consenseus is a conference management consultancy. We build web technology to make managing conferences bearable.